Friday, August 13, 2010

Pre-Made Purchaseable Layouts

Pre-made purchasable layouts (and the occasional free layout) is a new feature I'm launching today. There are many benefits to purchasing an already designed layout:
  1. They are cheaper than custom designs. Only $15.00 dollars!
  2. Less waiting time. Most likely can be installed the same day.
  3. I will only sell each design once. So you will have a one of a kind design.
  4. I will install the design for you.
  5. I will make small tweaks to your design if you want. Including changing the layout (do you want a two-columned layout instead of the pictured three column layout, etc).
  6. I will make you a custom signature and advertising button.
The only rule for pre-made designs is that credit must be given to me and the designers of the used design kit (in a small widget in your side bar!)

For more information or to purchase a design, shoot me a email at Put layout in the e-mail title.

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