Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Pre-Made Layout-Autumn (plus free alpha)

(Click on Image to See Live Preview)
You have no idea how much free time I had this week. So much so  that I actually created three full layouts, and I will hopefully roll out the last one tomorrow. This one is called Autumn. I wanted to keep it really simple and clean. I love how all the elements look like actual paper. I installed a custom font in the sidebar and post titles that match the font in the header. I also added the birds to the widgets because they just add a really cute element. I used the tree line image in the banner and also as an image to divide posts.

This is a three-columned layout (can be changed). But this is the first layout I showcased that has both columns to the right. I wanted to give you guys an idea of what that kind of layout actually looks like.  To learn more about pre-made layouts go here. To purchase email me at
I also created an alpha to go along with Autumn.  It is uppercase letters only and has some non-letter symbols. For CU,  PU, S4H, and S4O. No credit for use is necessary. Just drop me a comment if you use it, makes me happy. Download here.

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