Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Pre-Made Layout-Punkerella (plus free alpha)

(Click on Image to See Live Preview)
My internet was down the other day, so I had a good excuse to do some designing, and blow off all my homework. So Waalah! Punkerella  was born. It is really different than my typical style, but I love it never the less. It's a little gothic, a little bit punky, and a lot of fun. My favorite part is the stained newspaper background. And the owl, but I'm a tiny bit obsessed with owls lately.

I created custom, automated, and matching tags for both the sidebar and post titles. I kept it a simple two-columned layout (although wider) but this can easily be changed to a three-columned if you desire. To  learn more about pre-made layouts go here.
I made an alpha to go along with Punkerella, and I'm offering this for a free download. It has both uppercase and lowercase letters. Plus some shapes like dashes, exclamations points, stars, and a period. This can be used for CU, PU, S4H, and S40. No credit is necessary. I just ask you comment on my blog if you use it. It only takes a second, and it makes me happy! Download here.



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