Sunday, August 8, 2010

Hoo Loves You-Diary of B

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I finally found sometime to make-over my personal blog, Diary of B. I originally wasn't going to touch my layout because I paid to have my layout designed just a few months ago, and I'm cheap and wanted to get my money's worth. But I was learning so many new things, that I just couldn't resist any longer.  I love owls. Don't you? Owls just happen to be my alma mater's mascot. So I thought they would make for a great layout.

I used a clipping mask to make the the letters in "Diary of B" match the green border, and I used one of my favorite fonts, My Own Topher, for my subtitle.  I also used My Own Topher for the Date and Post Titles.  I threw together some custom label  images for all my sidebar titles  (aren't they cute? I think they look like luggage tags). But by far my favorite thing is how I used the images and font for my page titles (navigation bar), I just think it adds something special.



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