1. How Do I Order a Design?
Email me at brittanyervin86@yahoo.com with what package/service you would like to order. Make sure you put something about blog design in the title, so I know it is not spam. I'm careful about opening unknown e-mails, I live in fear of viruses!

2. What Does the Ordering Process Look Like?
Once you e-mail me, I will send you a little questionnaire to get an idea of what you want. Then I will get started on your design. Once I am finished, I will send you a link so you can see a mock up of your design. If you like the design, you will pay me via pay pal. I will then install the design for you.

3. How Long Does a Makeover Take?
I start designs based on a first come/first serve basis. A full make-over will be completed in a day or two after I begin working on your design.

4. How Do You Install the Design?
One of two ways. First way-You can send me your user name and password. Second way-you can temporarily add me as an author on your blog.

5. What Does a Design Allowance include?
A design allowance includes the cost of a stock image  (if so desired). However, the image must be from a photo/clip-art site where you don't have to have a subscription to to buy images (such a fotolia). It also includes the cost of a design kit.

6. What is a Design Kit?
A design kit is a package of coordinating images, backgrounds, elements, and alphas that has been created by an online designer for the purpose of website design or digital scrapbooking. Most are only a couple of dollars. However, not all design kits can be used in designing websites for others because their terms of use prohibit commercial use. But I know of some good designers who do allow such use.

7. What If I Go Over My Design Allowance?
If it is only a dollar or two, I will not charge you because I can often use design kits again. However, if it is more than that, I will charge you the leftover balance.

8. Can I Pay with Anything Other than Paypal?
At this time no.  But paypal is nice and secure and accepts  Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Discover, or a eCheck from your bank account.

9. Do You Ever Have Any Discounts or Sales?
I will occasionally offer sales and freebies and you can receive a $5 dollar discount if you were PREVIOUSLY a follower on my personal blog Diary of B. That doesn't mean become a follower and then get a discount. LOL.  I'm not that desperate for friends ;).  You can receive a $5 dollar discount for referring a friend, and a $5 discount is available for returning customers. Only one discount can be applied per order.

10. Why Do You Only Design Blogger Blogs?
Currently, I am only familiar enough with blogger blogs to do makeovers. However, I do offer banners for any type of website including wordpress and typepad. Eventually I hope to learn more about other blogging mediums.

11. How Did You Get into Design?
I actually took a web design/html course way back in high school. I learned that I loved html coding. It just made sense to me and it was so orderly. I love orderly. Yes, I know I'm a dweeb. After getting my own blog designed, I wondered if I could reteach myself design. So I did. I'm also a starving grad school student so I thought it would be a great way for me to make a little spare change. That is how Peachy Keen Design was born!

12. Shouldn't it be Peachy Keen Designs not Peachy Keen Design?
Yes, you must be an English major! I just like how Peachy Keen Design sounded better than Peachy Keen Designs!

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