Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Tutorial: Removing/Changing the Border Around Images in Blogger Pt. 1

I've always hated the default border that blogger automatically adds to pictures, and I've had one or two people in the past ask me how I removed it. So I thought I would write a a short and easy tutorial on removing the border. I recently simplified the directions and added pictures. Look for the yellow circled elements. Click on Pictures to Enlarge.

Remove the Border
Step 1 and 2-Go to blogger's main page. Click the design tab under your blog's name (shown in pic 1). Then click the edit html tab (shown in pic two).
Picture 1
 Picture 2

Step 3-If you are on internet explorer go to the edit menu on your tool bar and click "find this item." (Or Hold down your Ctrl and your F key at the same time). Type in "img" on the box that pops up .  Keep clicking next until you find one of the codes that look similar to one of the two options below (you might have both). It may look slightly different than the options presented below (step shown in picture 3).

 Option 1-
  .post img {
  padding: 4px;

Option 2- 
img{ padding: 4px;

Picture 3
Step 4- Once you find the applicable code copy and paste "border:0px;" (without quotes) between the semi-colon and the }  symbol. The end result should look like this (step shown in pic 4):
post img {
  padding: 4px;

Or this:
img{ padding: 4px;
Picture 4
5. Save your layout. That's it. 

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Jana K.

(Click on Image to see Live Preview)
I did this make-over for one of my best friends and former college roommate, Jana. Being that we are so close and I know her so well, figuring out what she wanted was super easy. She is obsessed with the 80's. She loves the music, fashion, and color schemes. So she told me that she wanted zebra print and bright colors!  So I gave her what else but zebra print and bright colors!

I made her blog title Jana K using my previously made and featured Autumn alpha by recoloring it. I found a really, really great blue and green design kit for the elements. I colored her background with a nice light blue and added a pink border. This layout is pretty simple but really, really fun. 

So go check out Jana's blog, she is the best friend a girl could have. Love you chickadee!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Hey There Delilah-Pre Made Layout

Click on Image to See Live Preview
Hey There Delilah is my new favorite design. I had the idea that I wanted to do an atypical blogger layout. One that didn't have visible designated sections. Like you can't see where the header ends and the post area begins. Everything is just floating in a sea of black. Lame analogy, I know! This layout would be great for anyone living in the city, or anyone who just loves the city. Although I think it can be used for a variety of purposes.

I named it Hey There Delilah because that is one of my favorite songs. It was mine and my husband's song when we were in a long distance relationship, and it just reminds me of my own life as a country bumpkin turned city girl. To learn more about pre-made designs go here. To purchase e-mail me at brittanyervin86@yahoo.com

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Pre-Made Layout-Paparazzi

(Click on Image to See a Live Preview)
I created Paparazzi during my three day internet drought. Believe me,  I had nothing to do but fool around with photoshop. But I love fooling around on photoshop, so I didn't really care. I didn't have any inspiration for Paparazzi ,except that I wanted to do something bright and fun. I added pops of color all over the layout and used a mesh mash of different things in the banner. The banner really reminded me of Lady Gaga for some reason. So that is how I came up with the name Paparazzi (after one of her songs). Since I came up with the name Paparazzi, I've had "Ra Ra Oh Ma Ma, Ga Ga Um Ba Rar,"stuck in my head. Which isn't even the correct song. Nope, that song is called Bad Romance.

I've used the effect of having different colored sidebars in the past.  But it is an effect that I really love. It just makes the sidebars stand out a little more. I used a little creased heart for the sidebar titles and the favicon. I also really love the button I made to match this layout. I think you guys would really have a lot of fun with this layout. To learn more about pre-made layouts go here. To purchase or ask questions e-mail me at brittanyervin86@yahoo.com.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Pre-Made Layout-Autumn (plus free alpha)

(Click on Image to See Live Preview)
You have no idea how much free time I had this week. So much so  that I actually created three full layouts, and I will hopefully roll out the last one tomorrow. This one is called Autumn. I wanted to keep it really simple and clean. I love how all the elements look like actual paper. I installed a custom font in the sidebar and post titles that match the font in the header. I also added the birds to the widgets because they just add a really cute element. I used the tree line image in the banner and also as an image to divide posts.

This is a three-columned layout (can be changed). But this is the first layout I showcased that has both columns to the right. I wanted to give you guys an idea of what that kind of layout actually looks like.  To learn more about pre-made layouts go here. To purchase email me at brittanyervin86@yahoo.com.
I also created an alpha to go along with Autumn.  It is uppercase letters only and has some non-letter symbols. For CU,  PU, S4H, and S4O. No credit for use is necessary. Just drop me a comment if you use it, makes me happy. Download here.

Pre-Made Layout-Punkerella (plus free alpha)

(Click on Image to See Live Preview)
My internet was down the other day, so I had a good excuse to do some designing, and blow off all my homework. So Waalah! Punkerella  was born. It is really different than my typical style, but I love it never the less. It's a little gothic, a little bit punky, and a lot of fun. My favorite part is the stained newspaper background. And the owl, but I'm a tiny bit obsessed with owls lately.

I created custom, automated, and matching tags for both the sidebar and post titles. I kept it a simple two-columned layout (although wider) but this can easily be changed to a three-columned if you desire. To  learn more about pre-made layouts go here.
I made an alpha to go along with Punkerella, and I'm offering this for a free download. It has both uppercase and lowercase letters. Plus some shapes like dashes, exclamations points, stars, and a period. This can be used for CU, PU, S4H, and S40. No credit is necessary. I just ask you comment on my blog if you use it. It only takes a second, and it makes me happy! Download here.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Pre-Made Layout-Whirly Bird

(Click Image to See Live Preview)
A few days ago I decided I wanted to fool around with the colors purple and black (in a completely non-kinky way). I do so many pinks and frilly colored layouts (and believe me, I love me some pink), that I just wanted something new and different. So Whirly Bird was born! Isn't it super cute and fun? I am also proud of myself because the background for Whirly Bird is the first background I've ever fully designed myself from scratch. I usually find backgrounds or simply do some recoloring and alterations work. But I actually created this whole background using photoshop.

If you purchase this design (only 15 dollars!) I will customize the banner for you and throw in a customized advertising button and signature for the bottom of your entries. To learn more about purchasing this layout and the benefits of buying a pre-made layout go here or e-mail me at brittanyervin86@yahoo.com (put layout in the e-mail title).

Pre-Made Purchaseable Layouts

Pre-made purchasable layouts (and the occasional free layout) is a new feature I'm launching today. There are many benefits to purchasing an already designed layout:
  1. They are cheaper than custom designs. Only $15.00 dollars!
  2. Less waiting time. Most likely can be installed the same day.
  3. I will only sell each design once. So you will have a one of a kind design.
  4. I will install the design for you.
  5. I will make small tweaks to your design if you want. Including changing the layout (do you want a two-columned layout instead of the pictured three column layout, etc).
  6. I will make you a custom signature and advertising button.
The only rule for pre-made designs is that credit must be given to me and the designers of the used design kit (in a small widget in your side bar!)

For more information or to purchase a design, shoot me a email at brittanyervin86@yahoo.com Put layout in the e-mail title.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Don't Feed the Giraffes Alpha Freebie

I had so much fun making my Preppy Girl Plaid Alpha that I jumped right into making a second alpha. It is not like I had homework to do or anything of the nature. ;) This Alpha, Don't Feed the Giraffes, is a fun, giraffe print alpha. It would be great for zoo scrapbook pages or many other fun projects (online or off). All uppercase and lowercase letters are included in two versions, psd or png. Additionally, I made an apostrophe, dash, exclamation point, question mark, and period. This alpha is for personal use, commercial use, scrap for hire, or scrap for others. No credit necessary, but I would love some comment love if you like. Enjoy.

Download here

Preppy Girl Plaid Alpha Freebie

I just completed my first Alpha! I named it Preppy Girl Plaid because it reminded me of a sweater set a snobby high school girl would wear. This alpha is for personal use, commercial use, scrap for hire, and scrap for others. No credit is necessary but I would love some comment love if you use it!

Preppy Girl Plaid includes both Uppercase and Lowercase letters. Additionally, I included both psd and png versions. Click here to download.

Hoo Loves You-Diary of B

(Click on Image to Enlarge)
I finally found sometime to make-over my personal blog, Diary of B. I originally wasn't going to touch my layout because I paid to have my layout designed just a few months ago, and I'm cheap and wanted to get my money's worth. But I was learning so many new things, that I just couldn't resist any longer.  I love owls. Don't you? Owls just happen to be my alma mater's mascot. So I thought they would make for a great layout.

I used a clipping mask to make the the letters in "Diary of B" match the green border, and I used one of my favorite fonts, My Own Topher, for my subtitle.  I also used My Own Topher for the Date and Post Titles.  I threw together some custom label  images for all my sidebar titles  (aren't they cute? I think they look like luggage tags). But by far my favorite thing is how I used the images and font for my page titles (navigation bar), I just think it adds something special.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

My Art and The Mom in Me

(Click on Picture to Enlarge)
Kristin from My Art and the Mom in Me has been one of my blog friends for a while now. All she asked for was a fun and colorful make-over. So I used pinks, greens, and yellows (a color combination that I love). Kristin has the cutest shop on etsy and since the first part of her title is "My Art" I wanted to add some artsy elements. I used an alpha that looks a little bit like art canvases and added ribbons, ribbon flowers, and buttons in her design. I used two different colored textured backgrounds for her post area and side bars, and I really love that effect. I also love this design because it shows how great a simple two-column layout can be! So everyone go check out Kristin's blog!

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