Thursday, August 26, 2010

Jana K.

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I did this make-over for one of my best friends and former college roommate, Jana. Being that we are so close and I know her so well, figuring out what she wanted was super easy. She is obsessed with the 80's. She loves the music, fashion, and color schemes. So she told me that she wanted zebra print and bright colors!  So I gave her what else but zebra print and bright colors!

I made her blog title Jana K using my previously made and featured Autumn alpha by recoloring it. I found a really, really great blue and green design kit for the elements. I colored her background with a nice light blue and added a pink border. This layout is pretty simple but really, really fun. 

So go check out Jana's blog, she is the best friend a girl could have. Love you chickadee!

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