Saturday, September 25, 2010

Little Houses-Pre-Made Layout

(Click on Image to See Live Preview)
I wanted to do a really simplistic, clean, and non-pink layout (non-pink is soooo hard for me, don't worry the pink will return soon enough). I wanted to make the header and the background of the layout look like they were connected, so I used the turquoise wallpaper for both.  I played around with the drop shadow on the elements (the house, tree, etc) to make them look a litle more 3D. I installed a custom font for the post, date, and sidebar title. Lastly, isn't the advertising button I made for this design super cute? I think it is the cutest one I've ever done. Its looks like a postage stamp! As always, if you purchased this layout I would replace the title "Little Houses" with your blog's title (as well as the other personalized elements).

I think the layout little houses could be used for so many different kind of blogs. To learn more about pre-made designs go here. To purchase e-mail me at

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