Friday, September 17, 2010

Adam & Brittany

I created Adam & Brittany in conjunction with my personal blog, only because I wanted a way for my family and friends outside of California to keep up with us. And I do a lot of ranting and raving on my personal blog, and while it is not bad, I don't want all of my family to read my personal rants. Plus on Diary of B I just tell the funny stories in my life narrative style, and Adam and Brittany is more of just a way to scrapbook what is going on in our married life.

This blog design started out being Pink. Surprise, Surprise. But then I thought Adam wouldn't appreciate the pink, and I needed to break out of my pink comfort zone (which is hard, I LOVE PINK!) So I decided to do a brown theme. I love the brown paper wrapper feel of it as well. In the banner, I used a lot of homey elements like bird houses, white picket fences, and weather veins.(And I had to mention something about our dog Sarah!) 

I made a custom navigation bar with pages to info about us, our wedding, and our honeymoon (yeah, yeah gag you with a spoon, I KNOW. Our love sickens me too). And I used fun little paper strips for my side bar elements.

Some reason internet explorer is cutting my paper strips off and making them square, this makes me kind of sad. So view it in firefox people!

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