Thursday, July 29, 2010

Twitter Button Freebies!

I got the itch to design some cute, twitter buttons for you guys to use on your blogs. There is no need for you to credit me if you use these buttons. But I would love it if you commented to let me know you are going to use them! Just in case you are not sure how to use these, here are some instructions.

Right click on the button you want to use, and save the photo somewhere on your computer where you can easily find it. Go to your blogger homepage, click the design tab underneath your blog name, and then find the tab that says page elements. Click add gadget and scroll down and choose the picture gadget. Upload the picture using the "from your computer tool." Before clicking save, post your twitter homepage link into the box that says link. Save and drag the element where you want it to be on your layout. Save your changes and waalah! A cute button to advertise your twitter (You can also upload the image to photobucket and save/link it that way).

I made these using digital products from delicious scraps, everyday mom, and the shabby princess.


  1. Thanks for the adorable Twitter buttons. I just added one to my site.



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